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Ruby’s Diner is a restaurant chain that reproduces the look and feel of the classic American Diner. Bright red vinyl booths, white Formica tables, soda fountains, milkshakes, burgers, antique Coca-Cola posters and commercial art echo the Swing Era of the 1940s. While the basic decor remains the same for every Ruby’s Diner, creative touches were added to many of the Ruby’s Diners by developing modified themes to fit the local area. For example, the Ruby’s AeroDiner in Laguna Hills (located near the former El Toro Marine Air Base) features a collection of miniature World War II aircraft that actually “fly” through the restaurant on a track. The Huntington Beach pier location has a “Surf City” theme complete with surfboards and other authentic surfing memorabilia. And Ruby’s Super Chief Diner which is walking distance from the famous San Juan Capistrano train station has scale model trains running through the restaurant.